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ThermaShield™ is an ultra high performance, light weight, patented multi-layer thermal & acoustical shield. Typical configurations include the use of different materials, each with a unique thickness, emissivity value, and 1st natural frequency. ThermaShield provides a 750°F temperature drop across the shield at a source temperature of 1100°F. Additionally, the shield does not ring or resonate, providing acoustical damping of engine and exhaust noise.

Application Areas

  • Exhaust manifolds and takedown pipes
  • Turbo outlet pipes, catalytic converters and diesel SCR
  • Exhaust cross over pipes/Chassis/Underhood

Product Data Sheet

Soundwich Value Proposition

  • Low Cost Manufacturing versus Major Competitors
  • Low Mass Thermal Management Solution
  • Added NVH – Highly Damped Multi Layer Construction
  • Value Added –Welding, Fastening, Strapping