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ThermaPatch™ is a flexible heat shield that is adhered using a high-temperature resistant pressure sensitive adhesive. Its flexible constuction provides durable heat protection in a easy to install construction that utlizes inexpensive and short lead-time tooling versus an all-metal shield.  ThermaPatch™ combines a reflective aluminum surface with layers of non-woven fiber and adhesive to provide protection from 176C to 537C in a wide range  temperature range.

Application Areas

  • Typically used for Thermal Hot-Spots in Automotive Applications such as Fuel Tank, Fuel Line, Brake Line, Engine Motor Mounts, Spare Tire and Body Structures


  • Flexible manufacturing/design provides quick-fix capability or permanent solution.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive allows direct attachment to most surfaces (body structure surfaces, fuel tanks, fascias, suspension components, steel, electro-coated metals, and plastics such as: TPO, ABS, HDPE, etc.)
  • Meets General Motors GMN10046, Ford WSS-M99P32-C and Chrysler MS‐10943

Product Data Sheet

Soundwich Value Proposition

  • Short development timing versus stamped heat shields
  • Low Cost Manufacturing versus Major Competitors
  • Low Mass Thermal Management Solution
  • Easy to Install –Peel and Stick to various curvatures
  • Low Cost, Short Tooling Lead Time
  • Provide Thermal Solution Late in Vehicle Design Phase