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Soundwich is a full service supplier offering computer-aided design and engineering to a sophisticated customer base.


Heat protection, noise reduction, foam or fiber combinations, with or without adhesive.


Stops vibration!

Cost competitive and mass efficient solution for reducing passenger cabin noise.


Noise absorption, light weight, molds to shape ,and available in various styles – all provided by Soundwich.

Non-Woven Engineered Fibers

Improved fuel economy, noise reduction, and an innovative product all at a competitive price.


Our Story

Soundwich was founded by Dan T. Moore and has become a leading full service provider of heat, noise, aerodynamic and emission control products to the automotive, recreational, construction, and agricultural industries.

Our Products

Soundwich’s product portfolio includes innovative material combinations to meet a wide variety of customer requirements and applications.


Soundwich manufactures a diverse portfolio of metallic thermal management products along using a broad array of highly-automated manufacturing cells.

We are experts in controlling Heat, Noise, Air, Emissions and so much more!

Click on the video to take a visual journey of Soundwich, Dan T. Moore Company, our facilities, products and capabilities.

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